About Us

Happy Farm business accelerator invites you to join Silicon Valley business tours. Happy Farm opened its doors in July 2012. To date, the portfolio of the business incubator includes 42 companies and investments made in the amount of 2.0 million dollars. Our Network includes over 150 board directors and mentors — successful entrepreneurs and investors from the U.S. and Europe, as well as connections with dozens of venture capital funds and hundreds of business angels worldwide. We co-organized a few major international tech conferences — Startup AddVenture in Kyiv in December, 2013 (1500+ participants),  U.T.Gem in San Francisco in September, 2014 (600+ participants),  TECHCONNECT.TECH in Astana in November, 2015 (2700+ participants) and NEWENERGY – global startup fest in Astana in October, 2016 (1500+ participants).

We know the structure of the global startup kitchen and the secret sauce of successful companies and investment funds firsthand. Our strengths include a deep understanding of startups’ and investors’ needs, a huge network of contacts and top international experts.

What awaits you? 100% English-language program, a school of survival in a global business, the secrets of successful business models of US companies, a mix of participants – investors + startups, US lifestyle.

For whom? Business angels, top managers and company owners, financial sector representatives, classic investors wishing to invest in IT and VC funds’ representatives of venture capital funds.

Subject of the tour: Getting to know the Silicon Valley ecosystem (funds, IT companies, startups, accelerators, universities); high-tech business specialties of the US; specifics of investing in IT projects, startups and companies.